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Doosan Electric Forklift - Refurbished for the company - Al-Fajawi ...
Deliver Doosan electric forklift, B18T-7, to the medical supplies and services company.
Delivery of a REACH TRUCK forklift to the (Aziza) company
Delevery of doosan forklift for " AL kalbonah" company
Delevery of doosan forklift for " AL YASEEN" company
United Forklifts Company announces that it is the sole agent of Doosan Industrial Vehicles Company and its headquarters in South Korea, and registered in the Palestinian Ministry of National Economy under No. 04/0939/15
Delivery of Doosan reach truck and pallet truck for UNIPAL COMPANY- RAMALLAH
delivery of pallet truck for Al "Amal al mushreqa " company
delivery of 2 Doosan forklifts for" Al monaliza" company
delevery of Maxilift forklift to "bab al amood company"
delivery of doosan forklift for Al Nuda company
Renting Manitou forklift and 2 OM forklifts for the Jericho Area
just provide us with a model and serial numbers of your forklift, specify your needs of the required spare parts , and we will reply to you within 24 hours
Delivery of NISSAN refit forklift to Mohammed Rashid Alseresi commercial company in Jenin
Delivery of hand and electric doosan pallet trucks to Unipal company- Ramallah
Delivery of Doosan Electric pallet truck to Uni Group for Import & Export - Nablus
Renting Maintou forklift to qettaf Company for Agricultural Investment and Marketing - Tubas
Delivery of Doosan Forklift to Tnuva company in Bethlehem
detailing of all types and forms of containers for forklifts
Delivery of Doosan forklift to Medical Supplies & Services company
Delivery of Doosan forklift with cabin for Palestinian Telecommunications Company
Delivery of new Maxi Lift forklift to Al-Raya company for Foodstuff
Delivery of MAXILIFT forklift to Vegetable Oil Industries
Delivery of Doosan electrical forklift to Arab Company for Medical Cosmetics (Ramallah)
delivery of a new Doosan forklifts to Mr. Imad Ethminat instead of the old ones
BGN TYRES , From the country of Rubber - Sri Lanka , lifelong guarantee
Renting HYUNDAI forklift to Siniora company
Delivery of Doosan walkie stacker truck to jala care company in Bethlehem
Delivery of new electric forklift (Doosan) to Alzaraoon Alarab company - Jericho
license of forklift to master food company for foodstuffs
Delivery of a German electric forklift (JUNGHEINRICH) to the Mount of green Olives company
Delivery of new Doosan forklift to Yaseen Aluminium company in Qalqilya
Delivery of Yale Refit forklift to Mr. Samir Taqatqa - Bethlehem
Aerial work platform
Delivery of electrical pallet trucks to the United National Development Programme (UNDP)
Delivery of Maxilift forklift to Al-Bajja Brothers Company in Ramallah
Delivery of new Doosan forklift to the Al- Buraq company
Received your forklift licensed and guaranteed only from United forklift
the best address for each regards forklifts "renting - sale - Maintenance - Parts"
Delivery of Doosan forklift to al-salam factory for marble - Hebron
Electric pallet trucks with competitive prices
hand pallet trucks to meet your needs
Renting forklifts at competitive prices.
Delivery of refit forklift - maxilift type
delivery of electric walkie staker to Mr. "Mohammad Nader" Kafaisheh - Hebron
Delivery of linde forklift to the Syrian Company for casting
Delivery of forklift that have been renewed in particular to Beit Fajar / Bethlehem
renewed yale forklift and convert it from computer control to electric control
Delivery of Doosan forklift (Gas) entirely new to company Choice health products - Jericho
Renting Manito and MaxiLift forklifts to palm tree farms in the Jordan Valley area
license Forklift (Doosan type) to Khamis commercial company - Bethlehem
Delivery of Hyster forklift (28 tons) to AFID-T3000 company
Delevery of Doosan electric workers Up to 4.5 meters With a capacity of 300 kg And dimensions of room 600 * 640 mm To the Palestinian Telecommunication Company