daily Pre-drive inspections
You should inspect the forklift truck every day before using or before each shift to make sure it is safe to be used.

You should carry out a visual check (“circle” check) before starting the forklift. After completing the visual pre-start check, you should do an operational pre-start check.
The visual pre-use check:

• General condition and cleanliness. 
• That the floor is clear of objects that could cause an accident. 
• that other workers or visitors in the area will be safe. 
• doorways are large enough to fit through. 
• Location of dangerous goods. 
• Other equipment working in the area. 
• Overhead to make sure there are no obstructions. 
• Nearby objects to avoid as you drive away. 
• engine oil level, fuel level, radiator water level (LPG, gas and diesel forklifts). 
• Battery is fully charged; check cables for exposed wires; battery plug connections not loose, worn or dirty; vent caps not clogged; 

• Bolts, nuts, guards, chains, or hydraulic hose reels are not damaged, missing or loose. 
• Wheels and tyres for wear, damage and air pressure, if pneumatic tyres.