Company Profile

Exclusive agent in Palestine for the Korean company "DOOSAN" a leader in the world

United Forklift Company was established as a private shareholding in 09/09/1999 , the only Palestinian company winning the Korean forklifts agency  "Doosan" a leader in the world, the company is characterized by comprehensiveness in the sale , exchange, and leasing of all Forklifts types "Hyster, Clark, Toyota, Caterpillar, Maxi mal , Maxi Lift, Yale", in addition to selling all kinds of spare parts for these forklifts, also have a special section for the maintenance of all forklifts types with high quality and under the supervision of skilled workers and experienced in maintenance, with the possibility of signing a comprehensive annual maintenance contracts.

The company seeks to activate their role and responsibility in the community through professional training of young staff in cooperation with Palestinian universities and institutes for giving them the necessary expertise and increase their competitive chances in the labor market and give them an opportunity to present their best ideas and creative solutions.

The company aims Since the beginning of its establishment to the future expansion and increase their effectiveness in the community, where it is seeking to establish branches in various Palestinian cities, as it aims to reach the highest competitive levels in the Palestinian markets through the provision of better services to the highest possible quality and within the time required to achieve customers satisfaction.  

The company has achieved a quantum leap in the past few years at various levels, and set off to the Arab world in the sale and shipment of forklifts and spare parts

"We were and still Pioneers to excellence and perfection"